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Kimberly Perry is the proud mother of Emma (age 6) and Hannah (age 5) Perry. Together, the three of them wrote the story Finley the Fairy.

Originally from the Chicagoland area, Kimberly spent 11 years teaching in public education before moving to South Carolina with her husband and two daughters. What originally started as a blog for parents of emerging readers, quickly turned into a passion project. Inspired by the need for more rhythmic stories, specifically for young readers, Kimberly turned their silly stories into a reality. 

Emma is in first grade and enjoys gymnastics, swimming, reading, going to the beach, and doing crafts. Hannah is in Kindergarten and enjoys playing with her Barbies, swimming, dancing, singing, and drawing.

(Both girls think it's super cool they are published authors!)

Blonde smiling woman with her two daughters in pink dresses. Kimberley Perry author.

Why this story is special...

Finley the Fairy was written with emerging readers in mind. Having worked in education for many years, Author Kimberly Perry recognized the need for more rhythmic children's story to meet the needs of those that are developmentally beyond board books, but not yet ready for a full 800+ word children's story. Using clear rhyme and pattern, Perry created a story that is fewer than 450 words, but still provides young readers the experience interacting with a text that has a developed character, setting and plot. Most emerging readers, ages 3-7, cannot comprehend much beyond 300-400 words at a time, so this book is intended to empower young readers, at their developmental stage, to fully interact with the process of reading. For more information about the process of reading, visit Author Kimberly Perry's blog at

Kimberly Perry the author sits smilling at the camera wearing a black top and white pants.
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