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  • What inspired you to write Finley the Fairy?
    The story of Finley the Fairy is very near and dear to my heart because I wrote it with my two daughters, Emma and Hannah. The creation of Finley happened rather organically as I listened to my daughters speculate and fantasize about the mysterious world of fairies. My main hope in writing this story is that it brings as many giggles to my readers and it has brought to me and my daughters writing it.
  • What makes this story educationally significant for young readers?
    As a former teacher, I wrote Finley the Fairy with emerging readers in mind. My own two daughters were learning to read at the time so I wanted to create something that had rhyme, rhythm, and a clear poetic pattern to support my own children's reading development. My goal was to write a picture book that was not only entertaining, but also a story where all children can play the important role in the actual process of reading.
  • What was your inspiration for Finley?
    I have to give most the credit to my daughters, who really created her through their own storytelling. I also gave my two girls full creative ownership over what Finley's illustration would look like, which was such a wonderful process to experience with our author, Lau Frank! (Check about the ABOUT section to see the original Finley sketch) I think we can all identify with Finley in some way; she is sweet, sassy and bit mischievous.
  • Do you plan on writing more stories about Finley the Fairy?
    Yes! I am actually working on 2 other additional stories about Finley. There is a lot more to come for Finley.
  • What is your favorite part about being an author?
    It's hard to pick just one thing I love about writing. I think the creative ownership of creating a character and building a unique storyline is really magical. I love that I was able to tap into my experiences as a teacher to help me write this story specifically for young readers.
  • Do you ever do author visits at schools or bookstores?
    Yes! I love interacting with my readers! If you're interested in scheduling an author visit or book signing, please click the "CONTACT" button on my website with your inquiry.
  • What's your advice to young kids who may want to be writers?
    Finley the Fairy started as silly storytelling between me and my daughters and ultimately turned into a published book. My advice to anyone thinking about writing a book is...DO IT! No idea is too small or too silly. Chase your dreams and believe in yourself.
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